10 Steps to Effective Face-to-Face and Virtual Business Meetings

A poorly run business meeting is just a waste of time. Following these 10 steps will help you make your meetings more productive and worth the time spent for both you and the participants. In most cases the same tips apply to virtual meetings as well. However, you have to bare in mind that online Read More


Abeedesk is now even more secure

Abeedesk default encryption just got a new ally – the room lock. For your convience and privacy, we have added a room locking feature. When you lock the room, no one will be able to enter it and disturb your video conversation. Anybody trying to join the locked room will see a message like this: Read More


Abeedesk says hello!

We’re a bunch of guys that got to know each other a long time ago and we’ve enjoyed each other’s company ever since. Each of us comes from a different professional background but we are all passionate about learning new skills, preferably with the use of cutting-edge technology. It has become a fact of life Read More