We are a team of dedicated tech-savvy individuals with different professional backgrounds.

Reaching this stage has taken us over two years of designing, developing and testing.

We make use of Abeedesk on a daily basis in our profesional work while at the same time developing the application.

Abeedesk is a powerful tool that will help everyone to collaborate, educate, teamwork and many more.

We deeply believe that people will love using it as much as we do.


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How it works?

  1. Create a room

    Create a name of virtual meeting room to which you can invite your friends and talk with them.

  2. That's all!

    Your friends join instantly to the room by clicking the link.

Why Abeedesk?

  • Free and easy

    Abeedesk is a new, free and easy application that allows you to collaborate with others using only a web browser.

  • Video conference

    Ideal for video conferencing for up to 4 simultaneous users.

  • Virtual blackboard

    Allows you to present your ideas visually.

  • Chat

    Use the chat box for either personal or open conversations and send links to other users in your room.

  • Screensharing

    Share your ideas directly from your computer screen. Show and tell.

  • Filesharing

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