The Workforce Paradigm Shift

In the beginning of spring 2019, millions of US employees, mostly working for white-collar companies from the technological, financial, and media sectors, were thrust into an unexpected, confused experiment in working from home. After four months, the experiment isn’t near ending, and for many, it has turned into a permanent state. In July 2019, Google Read More


Build Your Perfect Home Office for Remote Working

The reality of our modern world, be it from recent changes with the pandemic, or just realistic adaptations of the busy city centres, is that more and more workers are starting to explore the world of remote working. However, with this change from an office setting to an at-home setting, there becomes new problems and Read More


Most Useful Tools for Teams Working Remotely

The recent pandemic has seen more people working from home than ever before. For some businesses, this is a new way of operating, while others have had remote work options for some time. Whatever the reason behind it, if your company is starting to offer remote work possibilities, you will soon discover a remote worker Read More


Six Tips for Proper Video Call Etiquette

Remote working is currently on the rise, and it seems like a topic that many people are becoming more and more interested in—for obvious reasons. So, if you do video conferencing calls quite a lot, it is a good idea to know what things you should think about when working remotely either from your home, Read More


How to Keep Students Engaged in Online Schooling

Back in the day, many tutors were skeptical whether online learning could provide the same sort of interaction as an in-person classroom. And in fact, for many years it couldn’t. There wasn’t the right technology and the internet capability. But things have changed a lot since then, and in many ways the internet environment is Read More


Tips on transitioning from traditional classroom education to online environment

Over the years, humanity has changed their perspective of the world in almost every single aspect from technological advances to medical treatments. However, with all those changes education seems to have been left behind and somewhat neglected. After all these years traditional education has been stuck in time basing most of its system within the Read More


How the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the increase in online teaching services.

With the end of 2019, just like almost every year, we were expecting a new year full of pleasant surprises, new opportunities and adventures. However, nobody could foresee this tremendous change that the year 2020 was going to have for all of us. At the beginning of 2020, the world was involved in a pandemic Read More


The Education System After COVID-19

Governments around the world are working to reduce the direct impact of school suspensions, especially on more vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, and to promote continuity of education for all through distance learning. UNESCO has published lots of detailed articles on the current unprecedented status of the academia, which has not occurred since World War II. Read More


Online collaboration during COVID-19 pandemic

We are now in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. Companies and their employees are switching to online solutions to reduce the risk of infection. Educational systems across the globe are making use of new technology for online learning, and we are using video chats to communicate with our families and friends. Now, Abeedesk is the Read More


Top Free Online Collaboration Tools

Living in the world of online chaos is not easy. We get messages and notifications from a variety of sources and oftentimes we tend to get lost with all this stuff that comes in. So, if you do not have the right tools things can get out of control quite easily, especially when you are Read More