Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abeedesk?
Abeedesk is a free and easy application that allows you to collaborate with others using a web browser.
How can I connect with others?
Create a name for your virtual meeting room and send your friends a link to the room.
How many people can be in the room at the same time?
Up to 4 simultaneous users can be in the room with the full audio and video option.
What is a room?
A room is a virtual place to which you can invite other people. Once in the room, the
participants can see and hear each other, use the interactive whiteboard and live chat.
How long can I be in my room?
You can be in your room as long as you like. There is no time limit.
How do I share my screen?
In Firefox click the Share screen button in the top right-hand corner (tutaj warto by wkleic zdjęcie ikonki, btw zmieniłbym nazwę po najechaniu myszką na ten przycisk z “toggle screensharing” na “ Share screen”) or use the shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + s. If you are using Chrome you have to install an extension that will pop up when you click the
Share screen button.
How do I leave the room?
Simply close the tab with the room or hit the “Exit” button.
Do I have to login?
No. The only thing you have to type in is your room name.
Can I join the room without having a microphone or a camera?
Yes, you can. You can still use the chat and whiteboard tools. You will also hear and see otherconnected users.
Which web browser do I have to use?
Abeedesk works on any modern up-to-date web browser except Internet Explorer.
How can I invite others to my room?
Just copy the whole path e.g. and send it via mail, text message or any social media application.
Will it work on mobile phone?
Will Abeedesk save my chat history?
No. Your data isn’t stored.


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